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The pass rate of Guangdong automobile lubricant and brake fluid inspection is 93%

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The reporter learned from the Guangzhou Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau on the 4th that the bureau has recently conducted a random inspection of automotive lubricants and brake fluids sold by various types of automobile sales shops, repair shops, auto parts stores and other operating companies in Guangzhou. The results showed that among the 58 batches of samples, 4 batches failed, with an overall pass rate of 93%.

According to reports, a total of 58 batches of samples from 41 distributors were sampled this time, including 43 batches of lubricants. The spot checks were mainly conducted on some items required by the mandatory standards for automotive lubricants and brake fluids. Among them, the main unqualified items of automobile lubricating oil are foam, low-temperature dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, flash point (opening), viscosity index and other five items; the main unqualified item of automobile brake fluid is evaporation performance. After testing, 40 batches were qualified, 3 batches were unqualified, and the pass rate was 93%; 15 batches of brake fluid were sampled, 14 batches were qualified, and 1 batch was unqualified, and the pass rate was 93.33%.

It is reported that in this random inspection, the situation of the distribution of counterfeit "Mobil 1" automobile lubricants in Zengcheng Xintang Town Ganghui Auto Repair Center and Zengcheng Xintang Town RM Auto Parts Trading Co., Ltd. was found. Companies have taken serious measures and checked the relevant purchase channels to dig deeper into the source of counterfeit products.

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