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Production Capacity

Our company's automatic feeding and feeding machine pneumatic punch is purchased from the well-known domestic punch manufacturer Yang forging. With the independently developed feeding and feeding device, we can improve the production efficiency, increase the product stability, improve the utilization rate of plates, and ensure the safety of employees.

Among the 12 pneumatic presses, there are 3 sets of 110 tons, 5 sets of 160 tons, 5 sets of 200 tons, 2 sets of 315 tons, 6 sets of automatic feeding and feeding machines, and 6 sets of feeding machines. The daily blanking capacity of the equipment: 200000 pieces of various products.

Among the 23 hydraulic presses, there are 11 sets of 100 tons, 1 set of 160 tons, 9 sets of 200 tons and 2 sets of 315 tons, which provide effective and stable production capacity for pressing nails, pressing edges and cutting edges, and can finish machining 95000 pieces per day.

Four column hydraulic press are purchased from domestic professional manufacturers such as Huzhou forging, Chongqing Jiangdong and other brands. And each hydraulic press adopts the upper and lower double cylinder design, which improves the stability of the products in the process of finishing.