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Volvo launches collision warning system with emergency braking function

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Volvo Trucks has developed a collision warning system with emergency braking to avoid serious collisions caused by distractions.

Rear-end collisions account for a large proportion of road accidents, so Volvo Trucks has developed a collision warning system with emergency braking. This system will help the driver to effectively avoid and reduce the occurrence of rear-end collision accidents. It has been applied to Volvo Trucks' new FH series.

This new system recognizes and monitors the vehicles in front by the radar and camera working at the same time. It can avoid collisions with vehicles that are stationary or have a relative speed within 70 kilometers per hour. When the system detects that the truck will hit the vehicle in front if it runs at the current speed, it will automatically activate the flashing red light mode at the windshield to prompt the driver to immediately concentrate on the road.

Carl Johan Almqvist, Director of Transportation and Product Safety at Volvo Trucks, pointed out: "The new system does not replace the functionality of the driver. We believe that they are the foundation for safe driving of the vehicle.

However, if the truck detects that the driver did not give any feedback when the accident is about to occur, such as adjusting the steering wheel or braking, then the warning system will be upgraded to flashing red light and beep to alert the driver. If there is still no response, the system will automatically apply soft braking. When all attempts fail, the emergency braking function will be activated and stop the truck completely by all means.

"In the vast majority of cases, the first warning alert can get the driver's attention, and in rare cases when the driver fails to respond, emergency braking can still prevent serious accidents." Carl Johan Almqvis explained Say.

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